Mushrooms - guardians of Aveleda's biodiversity

06 Oct 2020 / Sustainability

Mushrooms play a key role in the renewal and preservation of ecosystems. And at Aveleda, it is with great satisfaction that we see them thrive in the middle of our vineyards.

These small fungi have the ability to decompose organic matter and reintroduce it in the reproductive cycles of the environments in which they are found, being important allies in the fight against diseases that may affect other species. One example is the protective barrier they create around the roots of some trees that grow in the Vinho Verde Wine Region.

When mushrooms lodge in the roots of certain tree and shrub species, they are also able to promote root extension in the soil and release enzymes that degrade nutrients that are more difficult to absorb. This results in an increase in the nutrient and water absorption capacity of plants, including vines!

In this sustainable ecosystem, everyone has a role, also plants provide these fungi with all the sugar they need in order to survive and perform these important actions in the sustainability of our environment.

They are discreet agents that help us to protect biodiversity at Quinta da Aveleda.

Written by Aveleda