Food and Wine Pairing

Aveleda Fonte branco with vegan “bifanas” and “caldo verde”

06 Jun 2023

Aveleda Alvarinho and vegetarian spring board

29 May 2023

Aveleda Parcela do Roseiral and stewed partridge with grapes

17 Feb 2023

Autumn salad with Aveleda Solos de Xisto

21 Oct 2022

Suggestion for “Santos Populares”: Aveleda Fonte Rosé and grilled vegetables on bread

08 Jun 2022

Aveleda Solos de Granito and Vegetable Pie

14 Apr 2022

Valentine's Day Suggestion: Tiramisu and Aveleda Loureiro

10 Feb 2022

4 suggestions to pair spicy dishes with Vinho Verde

14 Jan 2022

Winter Salad with Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho

07 Jan 2022

Suggestion for a summer dinner: Hake with Shrimp Sauce and Aveleda Alvarinho.

09 Aug 2021

Discover the most exotic pairing for this summer: Vegetarian Pad Thai and Aveleda Loureiro.

08 Jul 2021
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